Animals with B – Printable Cards


Animals that Start with the Letter B – Printable Cards 

This printable animals cards with different animals are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids learn and explore animals that start with the letter B and also remember the letter. We are sure that you and your kids be happy to have such a cool learning activity! Just download our animals with B!

You’ll get 24 colorful cards of animals with b, that consist of 4 pdf files.

Name List of Animals with Letter B:

  1. Bear
  2. Bee
  3. Butterfly
  4. Blue Whale
  5. Blue Crab
  6. Black Mamba
  7. Beaver
  8. Bull
  9. Beluga Whale
  10. Bat
  11. Butterfly Fish
  12. Boar
  13. Bactrian Camel
  14. Black Rhino
  15. Bald Eagle
  16. Baboon
  17. Black Vulture
  18. Beetle
  19. Black-Backed Jackal
  20. Barn Owl
  21. Ball Python
  22. Basking Shark
  23. Boa Snake
  24. Blue Jay

Some Interesting Facts 

We also prepare very curious facts about animals.

 Facts about Black Rhinos:

  • Black Rhinos run on their toes, notwithstanding they are huge!
  • Black rhinos are grey.
  • Rhinos are herbivores these animals are critically endangered, so we must teach our kids about animals, teach them to love and protect our Earth.

Interesting to know about Butterfly Fish

  • At night, the butterflyfish’s brilliant colors fade and become grey.
  • Exist approximately 115 species of butterflyfish!

We prepared only some facts, but you have a reason to know more! So, print our animals with B, explore new animals for your kids, and have a great family time!!!






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