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Printable Find a Pair Letters Game


Printable “Find a Pair” Letters Game for Kids

This game helps kids remember the English alphabet in a fun way.
Parents and kids have a wonderful pastime with kids during this Letters Game.

When you download this game, you receive:

Three pages A4 in pdf that include:

Printable Find a Pair Letters Game for Kids and Parents

In this game, we designed two kinds of flashcards: letters flashcards and animal flashcards for each letter.

Usually, we remember anything more easily with the associations.

So, we think that such alphabet learning is an exciting activity for kids and parents as well.

We also prepared some short instructions for this “Find a Pair Letters Game” We also hope that you too like it! Fill free to add any other rules for this printable game, and have fun!

Instruction of the Game

Cut all flashcards and put them face down on the table in random order.
Then open two cards together.
If they fit one another, take away from the column.
If these two flashcards are not related, put them back in their places and continue the game.
The game is over when all pairs are completed.
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