Free Printable 3 Times Table


  • 3 multiplication table
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3 Multiplication Chart for Kids

Make math learning fun and productive for your kids! Try this magnific Printable 3 Times Table for your little students in the classroom or kids at home.  All You need is just to press the download button! And you’ll get a colorful high-quality pdf file in A4 format. So, you can print it and start the fun learning!  Sometimes it’s can be not easy to learn multiplication, but when kids have the motivation and are in high spirits – everything is possible, even learning multiplication charts!

Printable 3 Times Table Includes Multiplication Chart from 1*3 to 10*3:

  1. 1*3=3
  2. 2*3=6
  3. 3*3=9
  4. 4*3=12
  5. 5*3=15
  6. 6*3=18
  7. 7*3=21
  8. 8*3=24
  9. 9*3=27
  10. 10*3=30

We believe those bright, cute, and colorful worksheets can be primarily helpful for children because kids love to learn and explore the world, especially when it’s provided with bright and colorful worksheets!

So, download this excellent 3 Times Table, and share your opinion with us! Try our other adorable worksheets and have fun!


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