Shapes for Kids FlashcardsShapes for Kids Flashcards

Free Printable Geometrical Shapes for Kids Flashcards


  • 8 colorful flashcards
  • 8  main geometric figures
  • beautiful design for kids
  • high-quality 3 pages A4 in pdf format

Learn Geometrical Shapes With Our Shapes Flashcards!

Geometrical Shapes for Kids Flashcards with cute and beautiful designs be great for learning main geometric shapes for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s not usual flashcards it’s a cool game! Our Shapes for Kids Flashcards help kids to see geometric shapes around us in our daily life.

Free Printable Remarkable Geometrical Shapes Flashcards

So we created flashcards with some background that include some geometric shapes. For example, the sun has a circle shape, and we have a lot of things that consist of these geometrical shapes, like circles, triangles, squares, etc. So, the child needs to choose the right shape for each flashcard.

We think that learning in such a way helps kids implement knowledge in everyday life and see the difference between shapes and sort them. We are sure that such a kids activity be great not only for kids but for a whole family at all! Spend time together with your kids and communicate, teach, and learn! Be happy with Kids-Printables!


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