Name Tracing Practise-Dinosaur TemplateName Tracing Practise-Dinosaur Template

Name Tracing Practice – Dinosaur Template


  • custom name tracing practice
  • adorable dinosaur template
  • colorful and bright
  • quick and easy in editing
  • take a couple of seconds in editing



Get Editable Name Tracing Practice in beautiful Dinosaur Template for Kids

This cute Name Tracing Practice is perfect for all kids who love dinosaurs! Little students can trace their names in so colorful and bright printable worksheets. We know that kids love colorful worksheets, it’s so exciting to learn in a such way!

All you need is to download this template, and trace your kid’s name! It takes a few seconds and is so easy to edit.

You don’t need to download specific fonts, etc. All is already done for You! Just open this pdf file in Chrome, other browsers, or Adobe Reader on your PC or even on your smartphone,  trace the name, and print! That’s it!


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