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Oregon State on The USA Map Printable

Download this printable pdf worksheet with the Oregon State on US Map. Learn geography and history with our printable quality maps. You”ll get 1 pdf file in A4 format, which is colorful and bright.  On our printable USA Map, the state of Oregon is painted in different colors than other states, so it’s super easy to remember the location of Oregon State in the United States.

Interesting Facts About Oregon State

  • Oregon, being the ninth most extensive state in the United States, encompasses an area of 98,380 square miles
  • 5 Volcanoes are located in Oregon
  • Oregon’s state birthday is on February 14
  • The Beaver State – Oregon’s  nickname
  • Oregon is bordered by Washington in the north, Idaho in the east, Nevada and California in the south, and the Pacific Ocean in the west.
  • There are more than 7000 bridges in Oregon State

This worksheet also can be helpful for your creative projects and presentations. You can use this printable map with our other maps and try to use them as worksheets. For example, you can use USA Labeled Map to teach students about all states, their names, capitals, etc., and then try to use the USA Map Outline Worksheet to check their knowledge about every state of the USA. Students can write some Names of States or States and their capitals.
We provide a lot of printable maps for fun learning. So try them, and other our adorable worksheets, and have fun!


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