Find a Pair Numbers 2,3,5,6 Flashcards
Numbers Game "Find a Pair"

Printable Numbers Game “Find a Pair”


Find a Pair Numbers Game

  • 20 beautiful flashcards
  • (10 numbers flashcards;10 amount of giraffes flashcards)


Awesome Printable Game of Learning Numbers from1 to 10 for Kids

This game “Find a Pair” helps kids to learn numbers and understand how many they mean.

The game includes Numbers flashcards and Giraffes flashcards. 

Put all cards by the cover to you in random order, and choose two flashcards and open them.

If number flashcard and flashcard with the number of cute giraffes coincided, congrats, you made a pair. But if not, put cards back and do the same with other cards. The game will be over when you made all pairs.


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