shape tracing worksheetsshape tracing worksheets

Shape Tracing Worksheets


  • shape tracing worksheets for kids
  • colorful and bright
  • 2 worksheets in 1 pack
  • high-quality pdf files
  • instant download

Printable Shapes Tracing Worksheets for Kids

Learn geometrical shapes with these colorful preschool shapes worksheets. Teach kids how to trace and draw geometrical shapes in an exciting and fun manner. Our worksheets are bright and colorful, and cute kids love them!

2 worksheets in 1 pack

You’ll get  two worksheets in one pack with such shapes:

  • rectangle
  • circle
  • triangle
  • square
  • heart
  • star

Such activities prepare kids’ hands for writing, develop patience, imagination, and creativity. Eventually, you have a great family pastime with kids without smartphones and TV.

These worksheets are available for you immediately after purchase. Learn shapes with pleasure together with the Kids Printables!


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