Tangram Puzzles



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Tangram Puzzles for Kids

Tangram Puzzles were invented in China and called in Chinese “Chin-Chiao Pan” – and means 7 piece puzzle. This puzzle game started to gains popularity during World War I.

Tangrams consist of 7 pieces, and kids can create different figures from those pieces. These seven geometrical figures are called tans. So with tangrams, kids learn geometrical shapes, learn how to solve tasks and problems, improve their attention, develop creativity, imagination, and more!

Main Tangrams Rules:

  • First of all, you need seven tangrams.
  • For creating a figure, you must use all 7 tangs
  • All  puzzle shapes must be connected
  •  Puzzles must be flat
  • They can’t overlap each other
  • Allowed to rotate and flip shapes for creating a figure

These puzzles will be interesting not only for kids. It’s an awesome activity for adults too.

So, download these free printable Tangram puzzles and have a great time!



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